Vexton Trilogy


Moving between Washington, DC, and the farming town of Vexton, The Complete Vexton Trilogy tells the story of a politically divided country in search of salvation, twenty-five years after a civil war.

President Westgale and his Administration are in trouble. A series of mysterious events, including a number of high-profile murders, point to a conspiracy that runs deeper than they ever imagined. Unrest among America’s youth has spilled over into rebellion, and the economy is increasingly tied to the fortunes of the autocratic nation of Pinia.

Against this backdrop, an election is called, revealing deep political rifts. But ultimately Americans may have no control over their fate. With a deadline looming to pay its debt to the Outer Commission and the emergence of an ominous threat, the country is at risk of not just losing its freedom, but of ceasing to exist at all.

The Complete Vexton Trilogy is comprised of: Book One: MANUFRACTURED, Book Two: MOON SHADE BLUFF, Book Three: THE PRESERVATION PLAN.



This is a story of a future America.

Moving between the government bureaucracy of Washington and a farming town called Vexton, MANUFRACTURED tells the story of a politically divided country in search of the true meaning of life, twenty-five years after a civil war.

When a mysterious illness infects the country’s youth, nationwide panic erupts, adding pressure to an already unstable government as it fights to find the cause and cure. Amidst environmental turmoil, a series of high-profile murders suggests a conspiracy that could put America’s entire future in jeopardy.

Moon Shade


A Future America in Crisis

Moon Shade Bluff tells the story of a country in internal revolt. Having survived a plot to overtake the government, the Westgale Administration finds itself mired in new conflicts, as unrest among America’s youth spills over into rebellion and America’s independence is tied to the fortunes of the autocratic nation of Pinia.

When a shocking discovery is made, Washington’s attention is drawn to the farming town of Vexton and the mysteries of Moon Shade Bluff. As evidence is uncovered of a criminal organization that has gone to great lengths to keep this extraordinary discovery a secret, the existence of an even more sinister alliance comes to light. One that envisions the end of America.

The Preservation Plan



In THE PRESERVATION PLAN, the final book of THE VEXTON SERIES, an election brings tensions across the country to a head as Peace-Bringer nominee Nicole Kratz and Militant Alliance leader Gerald Levin ruthlessly battle for the presidency. But the future of the country they seek to lead is in jeopardy. Faced with a looming deadline imposed by the Outer Commission to pay its debt—as well as the threat of external forces looking to settle old scores—America is at risk of losing not just its independence, but its identity as a free nation.

Following Book One: Manufractured and Book Two: Moon Shade Bluff, THE PRESERVATION PLAN tells the story of a country facing extinction and the final struggle to save it.