Allie Sumner, Book Reviewer

This book was a wild ride. My head was spinning trying to piece all the elements together. So much happens!

I love all the different viewpoints you get in this book! You get a piece of literally every side of the story. You really feel all the ups and down with the characters. I swear this book is so well written that the whole time you are sucked into the eyes and ears of the current person’s point of view. It took everything I had to put this book down and get some sleep. I probably could have read it straight through.

Division in politics is inevitable. There are always going to be varying opinions on every move a governing system makes. What makes this story so intriguing is the brought to life scenarios that extreme division can cause. The lengths that some will take.

When the illness first comes to light I was riveted. It spread so fast and was hitting the most vulnerable of a country’s citizens—the children. I was enraged thinking that a government’s negligence of an environmental problem was the cause for all this suffering. Then...boom…PLOT TWIST!

Get used to those. It’s one after another in this book. Just when you think you know why something happened and who is at fault, the entire thing is flipped and you’re left reeling.

This book is a whole load of clever. The twists are clever. The plots are clever. The whole thing is clever. This author’s mind is a web of intrigue. I am hooked.

I give the book the full 5.

Albert Buckley, Farmer

This story follows the happenings of Heath Claremont, the Director of “Vexton Land Protection,” and his wife Sharon, the “Town of Vexton’s DA,” along with their eight-year-old son, Riley. Our story is set twenty-five years in the future, after a devastating civil war that ushered in a new government. Not quite science fiction, but robots are part of the life this family enjoys. Home help and farming robots, even a robot dog—this blends itself well into the story and nothing appears too farfetched.

I am a seventy-year-old farmer, and I could relate to many parts of Heath’s life. The way problems are solved through the story with advanced technical knowledge was easy for me to believe. I personally have seen my farm records change from writing in a workbook to recording in the family computer.

The changes in the lives of the Claremont family are dramatic, and the author handles them with skill and believability; a very good and exciting read.

I recommend this book to those who enjoy a great story, and it appeared that it will be followed by further episodes in the Claremont family.

Johan Van Gun, Sailor

Manufractured is a story set in the near future, and we follow the different requirements of the army, and the political entities of the day. The story is the first instalment in a series; it’s well written and the characters very believable in their roles. Terrorists are encountered, and the twists and turns of the story are eventually dealt with. The life of a very rich industrialist and his son make an appearance all through the story, as well as a young family affected by a mystery disease. I look forward to another instalment.

Samita Sarkar, Writer, Editor

Set in the not-too-distant future, Manufractured deals with many global issues such as epidemics, pollution, terrorism and corruption through the perspective of the individuals affected by them. It is a complex book with characters that are well-developed. "Bad guys" are humanized and "good guys" may not be who they say they are.


Carolyn Filice, Literacy Teacher

Every avid reader hopes to find that book “you can’t put down”.

Paul A. Trinetti’s trilogy Manufractured, Moon Shade Bluff and The Preservation Plan is every reader’s dream. Filled with intrigue, Trinetti takes his readers into a fictional world and yet with great insight, as his future America reflects elements of the current political and social climate in America.

The first book Manufractured sets the stage for the political divide that is central throughout the series.

Moon Shade Bluff, second in the trilogy, adds a mystical exciting quality to the series as well as a romance.

The Preservation Plan is a brilliant finish to an exciting and thought-provoking series.

The characters, both major and secondary, are carefully crafted and developed and one finds him/herself emotionally drawn to the fate of them.

The plot is full of intrigue with constant suspense and surprises. Trinetti sprinkles wit and humour throughout his complex story.

The books lend themselves to rich discussions about government, environment, freedom, independence, technology and the themes of hope, resilience and unity.

Joanne Madden, B.A. History, Blogger - &

If you enjoy a good political thriller with some science fiction thrown into the mix, then Paul A. Trinetti’s Vexton Series Trilogy is a must-read. His three novels, Manufractured, Moon Shade Bluff and The Preservation Plan depict a future post-civil war America in crisis. The United States is a country deeply divided, its very future in jeopardy. There is corruption, terrorism, widespread poisoning, organized crime, alienated youth and a huge debt to pay off – and that’s just for starters. It’s also fascinating how this trilogy reflects the current political landscape in America.

This is not just another dark, dystopian vision of the future. There are elements of hope amidst all the turmoil. The characters face moral dilemmas and calamities of epic proportions. Some of them display great courage under pressure and even the more unsavoury characters show some redeeming qualities at times.

I recommend this trilogy for its creativity and originality. If you relish plot twists and surprising revelations, the Vexton Trilogy should be added to your reading list. Nothing is as it seems in this fictional future. It’s a roller coaster ride that keeps the reader interested and absorbed.